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No Experience
Want to be work at home as an outside travel agent but don't have any experience. Well, you have a problem. Two of them to be exact.
  1. Lack of experience.
  2. A legitimate independent travel agent program
The Dilemma
The only way to gain experience is by booking travel. But to do that, you need to work for a travel agency that will allow you to book travel for them. And most travel agencies only want experienced travel agents and the rest are running what amounts to very expensive programs that cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars up front for the privilege of booking travel for them.
The Solution
We, at Hello World Travel, will have none of that nonsense. We simple want independent agents who will find new clients for us and book their travel.
And the best part is that we will accept outside agents without any experience. The program are simple. You are an outside travel agent with Hello World Travel as your host. The more you sell, the more commissions you earn. The less you sell the less you get. Depending on which system you qualify for, you will earn either 20% or 40% of the commission on all the travel you book. (
Here is how it works.
Start out earning 20% of the Commissions as a "Referring Agent" SIGN UP
  • No experience is necessary.
  • Open to anyone who wishes to work part-time or full time.
  • Start out as a Referring Agent
  • Pay a one time $50 registration fee
  • Begin earning 20% of the commissions with your first reservation
  • Complete a probationary period of 3 months
  • Refer at least 3 travel reservations to our travel agency within a 3 month period.
  • Build a client base and be able to book a minimum of 3 reservations every 3 months
  • Once the probationary period has been completed, and you are able to maintain the minimum bookings, you are eligible to advance to Outside Travel Agent Status and Earn 40% of the commissions and receive the benefits listed below.
Note: If you already have a client base and are familiar with making travel arrangements, all or part of the above probationary period may be waived.
40% Commissions - Outside Travel Agent - Complete the above requirements and you will
  • Advance to Outside Agent Status
  • Receive 40% of the commissions
  • Have FREE access to the Sabre.Res reservation site and be able to book air, car and motel reservations 24/7
  • Book from any computer with Internet access anywhere in the world
  • Accept payments via a credit card. Outside agents will not be able to accepts cash payments or checks
  • Have access to all our vendors and be able to book travel with them as an outside travel agent for us.
  • Have permission to use our ARC/IATAN/CLIA number.
Features of Sabre.Res
  • Fare Led Pricing Feature (formerly known as FlightFinder (SM) ) - enables agents to easily find the lowest, available fares
  • FLIFO (Flight Information) - enable agents to check gate and flight arrival/departure information
  • Language - select your site's language to be English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian
  • Provide customer security via secure server and encryption technology

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Only authorized outside agents may use a Sabre reservation system. Hello World Travel, a Sabre Host Agency, is willing to extend that privilege to you for FREE. Experienced outside agents can always find an agency they can work for as an independent agent. However, those with no travel agency experience, who want to work at home as an travel agent, often fall prey to programs that promise them the same benefits as a travel agents, but not the capabilities nor flexibility to book travel. Once more, many of these programs costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars to join. We do not want you money. We want you to make money and have provided you with professional tools to do so.


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