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In the Beginning

One Upon A Time, posting to free classified pages and using ffa link sites was a fairly good way to get your offer out, and even a better PLACE to find prospects for MLM programs or Business Opportunities. That is no longer true. Automated submitters has resulted in a decline in number of adds being read and overuse of prospecting ruined that as a source for recruiting.

And while posting to FFA links is now a total waste of time, posting to them will almost guarantee that you email will be harvested by spammers.

The same hold true to MOST classified ad sites. They are simply a method for spammer to harvest your email. I once ran a test on a list of free classified ad sites to see how many of them did than and how long I stayed on their lists. The results were pretty ugly. About 1 out of 2 harvested my email and sold it to bulk emailing services. I did this in 2000, and I STILL get spam letters. And this is !!! Do not EVER respond to spammers. That is a good way to verify that the email address they sent the letter to is a live one. That and most of the time they are a onetime thing.

There are a few classified ad networks that still work. Running an ad in a legitimate classified ad network can be a useful resource for recruiting or getting your opportunity/program/product exposed. An example is the one that I have on my website - CLICK HERE. It is a network of over 12,000 members that generates millions of hits per year. I have been using them since 1998 an get

Rules To Follow

  • Use classified ad sits that do not harvest your email address
  • If you post to other classifieds ad and FAA sites, you had better us a JUNK Email Box to collect all the emails "conformation" letter you will receive
  • Use classified ad sites that protect your email address. Trust me, the ones that don't are not only a waste of time, but most likely will are simple a spam farm whose crop is your email address.


Be very selective where you post your ads. Not ALL classified ad sites are created equal. There are not many really good places to post your ads. I have have the BEST success using my Adland Pro classified website. I get daily views of my ads. The good they about using them is that you are notified when someone reads your ad, that way you can track the best ads and rewrite the ones that do not draw attention.

If you do utilize classified ad sites, then it is important that you write good ads. I cover how to do that here, plus how to write a letter ad too.

Classified Ad Club - Another source I used a lot when I first started. I still use some of their resources and I keep checking back to see what they add. They keep abreast of the latest in promotional techniques (for beginners, not advanced) and once in awhile, I find something that I can compliment to my promotion preferences.

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