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21 Years and Counting

It was around 1997 that I first started creating websites. I spent the first year writing raw code without the help of an html writer and boy did they suck.

Lucky for me, there soon appeared a number of html editors and I was able to actually put up a few web pages up that were readable.

Anglefire and Tripod? What Are Those?

My first web site attempts were on all on free services like Angelfire, Tripod, Geocities, Homestead and I think Lycos. AOL supplied free web space too, plus the local ISP provided free space. I uploaded mini web sites on all those and actually was able to get listed in some of the popular search engines of the time.

Like - Web Crawler, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite...

You remember them, don’t you. You know, those original search engines: Web Crawler (the oldest), Lycos, AltaVista, Excite, Northern Light, DogPile, Scrub the Web, Ask Jeeves, Netscape and Yahoo. (All Pre-Google)

A few of them are still around, but only us old dogs know they existed as most of the world uses Google and maybe Yahoo.

I started the website in 1999. I used Claris Home Page as my main web author for many years. It was a really great web-authoring tool for the Mac platform and I was absolutely crushed when Claris quit supporting it. I bounced around with different web software and wound up useing Dreamweaver, but got weary of having to relearn their software every time they upgraded it.

Now I use Rapid Weaver web design software to create all my websites and am very satisfied with it, especially since their upgrades are seamlessly implemented and do not take 6 months to figure out. (I'm old and set in my ways, what can I say?)

Blond Jokes and Other Nonsense

Well, this is a small portion of the original Joke Factory Website. It is much smaller than the original site, mainly because I had to move the website when the man who owned the hosting service I was using retired. The website was quite large and dated and I chose to eliminate most of the pages and keep a very small portion of it.


I added a bit of politics to Normally, I keep my opinions to myself, but with so much hate and outright dishonesty from the alleged press, I just can't keep my flying fingers from having my say.